3 Ply Hygiene Face Mask Elasticated looped

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3 Ply Hygiene Face Mask Elasticated looped

These disposable face masks are CE approved and designed for hygiene control. They feature strong elasticated loops, come in a 3-ply pleated design in blue or white, and include a reinforced nose bridge. Each purchase consists of multiple face masks, with boxes being provided for purchases in multiples of 50.

What’s the specifications?

  • CE approved disposable face masks
  • Elasticated looped design with strong loops
  • 3-ply pleated in blue/white
  • Reinforced nose bridge
  • Purchase: Multiples of 50 to receive boxes

What’s the features?

  • CE approved for quality and safety
  • Strong elasticated loops for secure and comfortable fit
  • 3-ply pleated design for effective coverage
  • Reinforced nose bridge for a better seal
  • Purchase multiples of 50 to receive boxes for convenient storage

What’s in the box?

  • Each box contains multiple disposable face masks, with the number dependent on the quantity purchased (multiples of 50).


  • Q: Are these face masks suitable for single-use only?
    A: Yes, these are disposable face masks designed for single-use purposes to maintain hygiene and effectiveness.

  • Q: Do these face masks provide a secure fit for various face sizes?
    A: The strong elasticated loops and reinforced nose bridge ensure a secure and adjustable fit for most face sizes.

  • Q: Can these face masks be worn by individuals with sensitive skin?
    A: While these masks are designed for general use, individuals with sensitive skin may consider a patch test before extended use.

  • Q: Are these masks suitable for use in public places and transportation?
    A: Yes, these masks are suitable for use in various public settings and can help provide protection against the spread of airborne particles.

  • Q: Can these disposable face masks be recycled?
    A: These masks are designed for single-use and are not intended for recycling. Proper disposal is recommended after use.

  • Q: Are these face masks suitable for children or individuals with smaller faces?
    A: While these masks are designed for general use, it’s important to ensure a proper fit for children or individuals with smaller faces to maintain effectiveness.

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