CBD by British Cannabis Oral Capsules 30 Caps – Sleep


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CBD by British Cannabis Oral Capsules 30 Caps – Sleep

SLEEP Capsules by CBD by British Cannabis are single-dose CBD oral capsules enriched with health-supporting vitamins and minerals, specially formulated to promote healthy sleep. Each capsule contains CBD, Chamomile, and Lavender to aid in maintaining a restful sleep.

What’s the specifications?

  • CBD Strength: 300mg
  • Capsules per Pack: 30
  • CBD per Capsule: 10mg
  • Ingredients: Decarboxylated Cannabis Sativa L., Lemon Balm Extract, Eucalyptol, β-Caryophyllene, and more
  • THC Content: <0.2%

What’s the features?

  • Enriched with Chamomile and Lavender to support healthy sleep
  • Effective CBD absorption for sleep support
  • Convenient single-dose capsules
  • Suitable for maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Tested and trusted product
  • Suitable for vegans

What’s in the box?

  • 1 pack of SLEEP Capsules by CBD by British Cannabis containing 30 capsules with 300mg CBD in total


  1. Q: How do SLEEP Capsules differ from regular CBD capsules, and how does the addition of Chamomile and Lavender specifically benefit healthy sleep?
    A: SLEEP Capsules are formulated with CBD, Chamomile, and Lavender to support healthy sleep, offering a unique health-supporting supplement for promoting restful nights.

  2. Q: What role do Chamomile and Lavender play in the formulation of SLEEP Capsules, and how do they contribute to supporting healthy sleep?
    A: Chamomile and Lavender are known for their calming properties and may help promote relaxation and improve sleep quality, working in conjunction with CBD to enhance the sleep support provided by the capsules.

  3. Q: How should consumers incorporate SLEEP Capsules into their daily routine to maximize the benefits for healthy sleep?
    A: To optimize the effects, it is recommended to take 1-2 capsules twice daily with or after food, swallowed whole with water and not chewed, ensuring proper absorption and utilization of the nutrients for sleep support.

  4. Q: Are there specific sleep-related concerns or conditions that SLEEP Capsules are particularly effective for addressing, aside from general support for healthy sleep?
    A: While SLEEP Capsules are designed to support overall healthy sleep, the combination of CBD, Chamomile, and Lavender may offer additional benefits for specific sleep-related issues. Consult a healthcare professional for personalized advice.

  5. Q: How are SLEEP Capsules tested and trusted to ensure quality and safety for consumers, especially with the inclusion of additional vitamins and minerals like Chamomile and Lavender?
    A: SLEEP Capsules undergo stringent testing procedures to ensure quality, purity, and consistency, providing consumers with a trusted and reliable product enriched with health-supporting vitamins and minerals for healthy sleep support.

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